Saturday, August 22, 2015

What an experience!

It is amazing how the holy spirit controls and guides our thought life. When we pay attention to his promptings and impressions, life  becomes interesting.!
I am enjoying a good vacation in Srilanka at my youngest sister's house. It is a modern house with many rooms and facilties.
Every morning various activities go on in her house.It is interesting to watch and participate in some of them.
My sister is up very early By 4 am I hear her singing praises in the kitchen praising God and making the tea for the household and the meal for her two dogs [ she has a help but my sister does not wake her up. She gets up on her own and comes plasantly to help.] A niece of ours stays with her she goes to teach at Wattala , which is quite far from Dehiwala She also joins us in the kitchen. My sister starts the moring praise and prayer as the work goes on.
It is a nice feeling to remember every member of our family which ever part of the world they may be,praise God for them and pray for their needs and commit them to the almighty's care for the day.It gives me a picture of our whole family and friends meeting with our creator , father, friend, guide and counsellor.
By this time the tea is made and kept . Her husband and son walks in and take their cup and walk away from our gathering. the niece goes to get ready to go to school. She leaves the house at 5.30 am!I feel happy to see a house hold starting the day like this.
My room is in the annex of their house. Though it has a separate entrance ,I could walk through their rooms to the kitchen.I have to pass through my living room and two of their bedrooms and a corridor to reach the kitcchen. The lights in this area are not on .So when I switch on my room light and start waking towards the kitchen,I get a glimmer of light from the kitchen. I could easyily stumble on some object,It is pratically dark. But I enjoy the walk as it is then the holy Spitit gives me useful impressions which i sometimes share with others in the kitchen.

Last week I was reminded of the valley of the shadow of death. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil, for you are with me. May be when I pass thorough the valley of death I will have the light on earth just before I close my eyes on earth, then I don't know how it will be. May be dark , but the glimmer of light from heaven will light my path while the Lord's presence comes with me. I'll safely reach home. I think it is a wonderful practical lesson that I had from the HolySpirit..
This morning ,it was pitch dark when I started my journey. so  I switched one of the lights in one room , I was able to walk with out stumbling on anything.I thought of the verse which says His word is a lamp to my feet. Just enough light to pass through and then I switched it off. God's word also has given me the right counsel, the needed comfort in my journey of life at the right moment, for the moment.

If only we tune our ears to his soft whisper in every situation He will be talking to us. Just like when Jesus was on this earth, all the time  He was conversing to his disciples ,giving a lesson from every circumstance they faced or situation they were in. Can anyone feel lonely if our Lord in the spirit constantly keep talking to us, good things? It is a beautiful experience to be cultivated.
Like William wordswoth I could say these will later " falsh accoss my inward eyes which is the bliss of solitude"
I think I should add that all could have this kind of experience. because our Lord loves to talk to us.

           The following is being added in 2015. Wow! I am still alive . My Lord still speaks and guides me. Beautiful experience  which all could have!]

The Lord's Eyes

I went to church in Adyar Chennai after 20 years.I was disappointed that I could not place or spot anyone known to me. May be ,in that lage gathering there sure will be some one known to me, was my thought. Every one was closing their eye and worshipping while I looked here and there.
May be people are changed . Aged like me . Or may be I am changed they cannot make me out.My thoughts didn't go for more than 5 or 10 minutes, the holyspirit spoke in my heart. Ha said whether anyone is looking at you or you lloking for some one is not important. whther you see or the see you is not the matter .I see you I am looking at you.
I came to my senses to realize why I came to church. The rest of the service blessed me because I worshiped my Lord and master.There was purpose and meaning for me. I am sure the Lord was pleased because He blessed me so much that I did everything unto him for him to see.
I wish this revelation came to me much before . I wish it comes to everyone in every service!

My come back and Hope

                                    Let Me Start Again!

It is not that easy to start writing again after a lapse of a few years.
It is not that I did not get any inspirations in the mornings.God constantly keeps speaking, specially to anyone who is anxiously waiting to hear from Him.

Technology keeps changing, while my age keeps advancing not being able to keep up with the new improvements.Eyes and ears diminish in their functions.That did not hinder me from writing. it is that I could not get to   my blog on my new iPad.!

Thanks to my grand son, in less than five minutes he helped out to over come this impediment. Here I am to share my thoughts  once again!

God has been good to me all the time. Leading  me upholding me,encouraging me,guiding and giving  me good health and peace.

He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.In between He is our guide if we submit our lives to His plan and purpose.

I learnt  one great lesson:  It  is not for me to make my plans and ask God to bless it. it is for my part to submit to His plan and will that He has about me in prayer and ask Him to guide me . This will bring contentment, joy and success.

The best way to live is to be surrendered to the almighty and live in His presence. True, as humans we fail and fall but God's  grace has provided a way to rise up and come back: Repentance and being washed by the blood of Jesus and cleansed by it.

Thus I am journeying in this path of righteousness and hoping for the reward of the righteous at the end of my journey on this earth.

I wish, hope and pray that I will be  one on whom the blessing of the righteous will be bestowed. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  ----.They rest from their labors and their works do follow them."
This is my hope. what is yours?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The new Year !

My cousin sent a forward saying, ' O My God 2011 is a Special Year'
It said about it's speciality too:

' It will start on /1/11
After 10 days 11/1/11
After ten months
Then it will be 11/11/11
Isn't it fantastic!'

Unique indeed!

The year is special in other ways too: So many predictions: One is , a christian group saying that the tribulation is begining in a particlar month of this year.

Of course almost all the signs said in the bible for the return of Christt and the end of the world are being fulfilled now. Who knows whether all these events will culminate in what the bible says[Mat.24; mark13]in this year?

For me it is a special year in the sense I'll be 78 years in March, so much nearer to the grave. I am on a lease of life now. The bible age is three score and ten. All my lady relatives died in their eighties. So our family's life span for the ladies seems to be in eighties..So my time to quit the earth, breathe my last breath, is very near.

Does it scare me? Grieve me? No, is the asnwer. The reason is , I am sort of prepared: I am washed in the blood of Jesus and my sins, so many of them, are forgiven. Every day I am asking God to search me and know my heart, my thoughts, [ my attiudes, desires and goals too] and to see if there be some wicked way in me and to Cleanse me from every sin and set me free. The prayer answering God does answer my prayer by making me see my short comings. Things that I did not realise that I had in my nature which displeass the Lord, I am able to identify. I know it is the HolySpirit working in me and doing a process of sanification. I saw how selfish and self centered I have been. I saw the stinking pride and jealousy in me. I have been having a fault finding and criticising nature. Negative in my thoughts and talks..I was surprised that i did not see these earlier.I have offened others by these and thought others hurt me! So now I am thankful to God that He is preparing me.

When I am fully ready to meet Him, He will call me over there.

What will i take for Him. I cannot go empty handed, is an anxious thought. This year I have asked the Lord to give me more opportunities to do something, anything, that the Lord desires from me. I cannot make my own choices. I cannot afford to make a mistake. there is no time to correct it. So i have left it to Him to show me the way ,open doors of opportunities to let people know of the love and sacrifice of my Lord Jesus. The saved Souls and what ever I did to bring people to Him, is the only thing I could take with me. So this year I am looking forward to do that, God helping me.

I am retired from active work in this world No wordly responsibilities. I have enough time to pray, praise and intercede. I know I am not doing it as i ought to . So I am deciding to pay attention to it. Less of the laptop and more time in God's word and prayer at his feet.

I am aware that our enemy, the Devil is not pleased now. He will try his level best to put blocks on my path this year. i got to be alert,knowing his devices.
Every day, every minute , every second of this year,2011, is important to me. How about you?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

God Be In My day Today

It is 18th October over here in Srilanka. I was up guite early as usual.But Rani was alreaady in the kitchen making breakfast and lunchen. It was for Thaya.Thaya leaves the house at 5 45 am to go to Wattala to teach. She takes her luch with her.I thought God will bless Rani for looking after her niece so well1 She had been doing that for her and for her sister Nila. No wonder she and her children are blessed!

I read the word.' My boast is in the lord.' Yes I have nothing to boast of. If others could see any good in me it is of the Lord or the lord made them see that for their benefit.RI looked up all the verses.[Ps 34:2; 44:8; Isa45:25;Jeri9;24; rom 2:17;1cor1;31;2nd cor10;17] Isn't the Lord wonderful to show me these verses.

I liked the verse, " my soul will boast in the Lord Let the afflicted hear and rejoice" I thought of what happened in the church yesterday.After I said my healing testimony and the word two new people with problems came and spoke to me . They were afflicted. May be I should have prayed with them then and there but as usual i was not bold. [A wrong attitude] I said I'll pray for them and i did at home.

My God is a good friend He shows me where I go wrong. It may be He tells me before hand and don't hear Him.

I got panicky about going to Singapore by ourselves,Rani and I. All of a sudden and decided to extend my visa over here and go late to Singapore By that time I may have some contacts. i wised Thamby may have believers whom he can introduce. So immediately I wrote to the travel agent not to book but to give me the quotation.She may consider me a ficckle minded person.Well I am and i should not be.

Talking to jogi was good It was so refreshing to look at her fresh youthful face She is cleaning up the house! How nice.But good if she does not throw all the things.

I was a bit sad that Roshan and Hesh did not talk but they must have been busy. Today is Diya's party.I prayed and hope that the Lord will do some work in H's family through the witness of Indren and Roshan.

Abraham is taking Yoga to Kilinochy.I prayed that everything will work out for the good.'The righteous cry and the Lord ears themHe delivers them from all their troubles'Ps34:17.
Thank God for His timely word!

Lord Bless this day Make me a blessing in some way to some body I pray

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who Is Worthy?

In apostle John's vision , he heard a voice calling out who is worthy? No answer. There was no one worthy enough to break the seals and open the scroll that was in the hands of the Lord.There was sorrow in heaven. Dismay! John began to weep as there was no one in heaven or on earth to open it. Yes not even in heaven!
Then came the lamb of God.Jesus Christ! Only He was worthy!It was no one else but our Jesus Christ!
A shout of joy. There was some one![ Rev 5:i-14]
How did He become worthy? by His obediece. His sufferings and how He went through it . He suffered not because any of his fault. He went through patienly, Quietly,,willingly, without complaining, for the redemption of you and me.His blood was drained from his body, so that my sins could be washed away and I'll be set free from the cluches of the enemy

As I read this I was full of awe . My heart was filled with greatfullness for what Jesus has done for me.'To save a wretch like me!' Not only we are called to be His bride and coheirs with Him but also to reign with Him! What a high and majestic calling!

I am I worthy? Are we worthy?

We shoud be like Him to become worthy. I read the scriptures that said of His suffering. ,He endured humiliation In His humiliation He was deprived of justice[acts8:33] He made himself nothing. taking the form of a servant. [[Ph2:7,8].He was mocked, revlled and crucified. He obeyed , suffered and died patiently, humbly and lovinly. He rose again and is alive today to help us.

I thought of What the psalmist said in the 15th chapter:
"Lord who may live in your Holy hill?" The answere was:
He whose walk is blameless and who does what is righteous,Who speaks the truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue, who does his neighbourno wrong, and cast no slur on his fellowmen, who dispises a vile man but honours those who fear the Lord,who keeps his oath even when it hurts,who lends his money withoutusury,and doesnot accept a bribe against the innocent.
He who does these things will never be shaken."

Who can reach such a standard? is another question that rises in our minds. We fail so many times but thanks to Jesus, we could ask forgiveness.He won the victory for us on Calvary, just to make us like Him. His pure charecter to be formed in us.
When we go to Him just as we are He will clean us and make us worthy. He will help us to grow to His character, by His grace.
We need not be dismayed .He is able to do it if we trust and have faith in Him
This is His calling for each one of us : To reign with Him.The one who was found worthy to break open the scroll If we suffer with Him we shall be made worthy to reign with Him.
I praise God for this great high calling!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Somehow God turns me to Him

It is the10th October 2010.
I was preparing to go to Srilanka. So many things to do and things to buy to take occupied my mind.The time I spent with my Lord was less. I was stealing God's time. The result was my carnal nature began to show : I became touchy, things people said and did made me sad. I lost my joy and peace in the Lord.
Ian brought his girl to show his grand father We gave them dinner. Sice i slept in the aftoon,I was ablr to keep up till late. I could have prayed read the word ,spent some time with the Lord. No. I was not inclined that way. Then I knew I have neglected the holy Spirit.
I took one of my old note books and opened a page. What I had written there made me realise that disppointments and pain causes lonely feeling which in turn draw us near to God. God wants to draw us closer to him and be our friend .Without him we will drown into depression.
I opened a page I had written in Scotland in October2009 from Hesh's place. What i had written brought my mind back to my saviour who loves and cares for me so much. Lest I forget, when this book this thrown away, I thought I'll write it down. Here is what I had written and what i read last night.
it is:
I awoke at 2 30 am.I didn't want to get up and come to the kitchen[where i read and pray] i wanted to sleep a little more but i was wide awake.So many thoughts.I tried to recall what I read.I thought that only worship brings back the joy.
I tried to praise the lord but only different kinds of worship and prayers I had Participated came to my mind [prevousely gone to]I couldn't focus on Jesus. I was not happy about this wondering mindI CALLED ON THE HOLYSPIRIT TO HELP ME.
SuddenlyA song came to my mind.
' Lean on his arms, trusting in his love,
Lean on hia arm all his mercies flow,
Lean on his arms looking home above ,
just lean on the saviou's arm '
It came to my mind.It was so clear.
I paused on each line As i meditated, I literaly leaned on his arms.--Resting my mind and body. What a great relaxation came to me.I felt so relaxed after so many years may be!There is no one or nothing else to put our trust on except the promise of his everlasting love.
I recalled baby Diya looking at the face of her mom, just trusting her and sleeping with out any fearor worry.I was like that now.His love will never fail It is in abundance!As I lean on him all his mercies will flow to me as a mother's love oozes and flows to her baby.He will have pity on me. his mercy will never let me go stray away from him. His love is everlasting.He is merciful to the righteous and unrighteous.
LOOKING HOME ABOVE! What a beautiful hope!I HAVE a HOME!I can look forward to go there.It is being prepared for me. My Lord will lead me toward that home .A permanant place for me.
These days I have been visiting some homes over here. The ladieshave kept them so clean and posh.They looked so cosy,I have no place to call my own home here. .
The lord on whose arm i could just relax , while His love and mercy flow to me, is preparing me for that home! There is rest from my toil[I have not much bodily toil over here but but plenty in the mind] and life with out care, I want to be there sweet home.
Until then I'll be looking home above!
My! what a lovely thought the HolySpirit filled me with! I went to sleep with a smile on my face and woke up at 5am Now I can say 'I am walking with Jesus, there is nothing now to fear,
I am walking with Jesus there is none to me so dear,
I am walking with Jesus He wipeth every tear
I am walking alone with Jesus!.

This mornig As I copied what I wrote some years ago the holy Spirit ministered to me. Praise the lord! holy Spirit you are real .thank you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What I thought on the 24th Dec 2009

An unusually cold morning in Edinburgh.I was up at 3 AM. Preparations were going on for Christmas lunch. Parties every where.!

I wanted to meet the master of Christmas. He is reason for all these, which most people do not give thought to. With out Him life is empty. May be there is so much in the world to enjoy when one is young but when old age creeps in the desire for these slowly dims. Loneliness some times takes root, even in the midst of relatives and friens.Some do not have real friends even!.

My heart was sort of empty. Little nagging anxieties, insecurities, disappointments and wishes seem to rush into me and fill my mind. These are not of God. Quickly I went to God's word.

As I opened the bible John15th chapter came. I have read it many times but God's word becomes fresh and new each time I read it. That is the power of God! Cosolation and counsel comes from the word. It corrects me and builds me up. Where will I be if not for His word I thought. I can be in a small corner in the world , the word makes the place heaven when God speaks!

I read about abiding in the vine inorder to give much fruit.[15:8] That is what I want to do these days. On my own I am barren and fruitless. Not of any use. I am trying my best to abide in Him by meditating on his word praying, checking and correcting my words thoughts and behaviour according to His word. Lord helps me . I need more of you is my hearts cry. Another benifit is 'What ever you wish ,ask and it will be done'

I raised my heart in prayer to the Lord and said' Lord, I prayed for peace in the family.You did it for me [ A thing that appeared almost impossible] in an amazing manner.Today I ask you to perfect it.Let there be perfect peace among the rest of the family members. You said'It shall be done'[v7] and I believe it.' I sincerely trust and believe that my Lord is able and He will defeat the enemy that is causing division.

Another verse that touched me is [v9] 'As the father has loved me so have I loved you. Continue in my love'I asked help to continue in His love and went on to meditate on Christ's love.
[15:13]'Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends'
Christ's love for men is unchanging '--- having loved his own which were in the world,He loved them unto the end.'[Jn13:1]; His love is divine[Jn15:9]
Self sacrificing [15:13]
It is inseparable[Rom8:35] 'Who shall separate us from the love of Christ-----'
It is a constraining love. [2nd cor 5:4]
Sacrificial [Gsl2:20][---The life which I live in the fkesh, I live by the faith of the son of god who love me and gave himself for me.'
It was manifested by His death[! Jn 3:16]Here by perseive we the love of God, because He laid down his life for his brerthen'
No one need to feel unloved or lonely when we have so many words of our Lord encouraging us, I thought.

I went on to consider the blessings that I/ we receive by our love to Christ:
john14:15-16] If you love me keep my commandments and Iwill pray to the father and He shall give you another comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.' That is the HolySpirit! We have experienced Him.
If a man love me he will keep my words and my father will love him and we will come unto him and make our abode with him'. Isn't it a wonderful experience. Imagine the Triune God reciding in me/ you? [Jn 14:23]Jn 166:27 says'For my father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came out from God'
How many do not believe this today,I thought. It is my duty to pray for God's mercy on them.
Finally Eph6:24 says [Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jeus Christ in sincerity'

How many promise filled verses to encouage me and you, whenI/we feel lonely or desperate!. Lord teach me, help me to love you more to get closer to you,to hear your heart beat. Help me/ us to bring others to you, who gave your life to save us. Use me today in some way to make you rejoice in me. I pray this for all my loved ones and God's children. Iam sure the Lord heard all my prayers!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It was a gloomy day for most of the SriLankan Tamils all over the world. I also felt the impact of what happened in my country. It is amazing how for us Christians' the Lord speaks through His word to strengthen our emotions in Him.

There is so much of struggle for power and control. to possess this, people resort to even violence and bloodshed.The innocent civilians get slaughtered in the middle. The on lookers sympathize and take sides too. I asked myself where to i stand in this.The answer was: 'Be on God's side'.

Those who belong to Jesus Christ, we have everything. Power, peace and wisdom come from Him. We belong to the kingdom, where Christ the king reigns. He rules with righteousness and an fairness.

I corithians1:18 to31 gave me much encouragement and strength: 'The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are saved it is the power of God.---.Christ is our righteousness,holiness and redemption.Therefore as it is written, let him that boasts, boast in the Lord. 'We can boast and rejoice in our Lord who has redeemed us!

God gives his power to accomplish His purposes through his people. He does mot give power to be all we want to be but all He wants us to be.

Our union and identification with Christ results in our having God's wisdom and knowledge; [Col.2:3]His righteousness, that is, right standing with God;[2nd corinthians5:21]; holiness ie, being holy,[1thes.4:3-7]and redemption, that is having the punishment of or the penalty of sin being paid by the death of Jesus.[Mk. 10:45]

If we have Jesus we have it all. So I rejoice. How about you?Let us pray for the suffering and prise god for who He is, what He has done and what He is going to do.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Closed Eyes, Ears And Hearts

When Paul was in Rome, he explained and declared the kingdom of God to the people who came to see him.
From morning till evening he talked to them. Some were convinced of what he said but the others would not believe.They disagreed among themselves. Finally Paul had a statement:
He said the Holy spirit spoke the truth to your fore fathers, through Isaiah the Prophet," Go to this people and say, You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing and never perceiving. For the people's heart has become calloused.They hardly hear with their ears and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes and hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn and I would heal them." [Acts28:24 to 27; Isaiah 6:9&10]

As I read this I realized that the same thing is happening today too. People listen and nothing happens to them. Their hearts are hardened.

The lord is waiting anxiously to heal them spiritually, emotionally and physically, but the enemy has blinded their eyes and dulled their ears and hardened their hearts.

It is time for us to storm the gates of heaven to destroy the enemy's power so that the people will turn to God and be healed.It is sad to see many of our loved ones also in this state.

May the Lord help us to intercede for them. May the Lord hear us from heaven and touch these trapped ones and deliver them.

Awake To Righteousness

The news that we hear these days. some times spell a dismal gloom over us.
Even in the church, among God's people, not so encouraging things seem to happen. Amid all this, today's reading from the word of God, showed God's heart and great hope came to me.

Isiah52:1to3 says:
"Awake, awake O Zion. Clothe yourself with strength, put on your garments of splendor, O Jerusalem, the Holy city.
The uncircumcised and the defiled will not enter you again.
Shake off your dust,rise up. Sit enthroned O Jerusalem.
Free yourself from the chains on your neck,O captive Daughter of Zion.
For this is what the Lord says,'You were sold for nothing and without money you will be redeemed'."

I wondered, Am I in a state of slumber? Is my church in such a state? Have we made ourselves captives to things that our Lord hates. As we examine the Holy Spirit will show and convict us. I was encouraged by the promise of our loving Lord to redeem us. We are called to rule and reign.

Our Lord gave us the robe of righteousness which we did not deserve, when we first accepted him. It is His righteousness that gives us strength to live for Him , holy and separated unto Him. That is called the adorning of the saints. When we drift into things of the world that are not pleasing to God, we soil the pure garment and become unclean in God's eyes. How the loving Lord calls us to be set free once again, to be able to boldly proclaim His redemption, salvation and peace to the lost![Isa.52:7]

Then, [when we come back] the watchmen of our souls will rejoice, because we are back with the Lord in Zion.[v.8]

It is good to consider where we are now: Am I in Zion with the robe of righteousness clean and pure and with the strength of the Lord? Or in Zion sleeping? Or defiled weeping? Or one of the watchmen praying?
The Lord reminded me that it takes courage to be on God's side.
It is the place of victory.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Interesting Information

The secrets of the bible.
I read this from a note sent to me from Rod and Janice Hembree and i thought it is worth while sharing and preserving:
'Speaking of paying attention to the Bible I want to show you something hidden in plain sight. Something that Chuck Missler brought to my attention and it is amazing.

Every name has a meaning in the Bible.Did you know that 10 generations of names in the bible have meaning in their individual names?Let us have a look at the first 10 names.
Name Meaning
1 Adam Man
2 Seth Appointed
3Enosh Mortal
4Kanan Sorrow
5 Mahalalel The Bledded Lord
6Jared shall come down
7 Ench Teaching
8 Methuselah His death shall bring
9 Lamech the dipairing
10 Noah comfort
If you put the names of the ten men together, the names say the following
Man appointed mortal sorrow. The blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring the dispairing comfort.
The gospel message of Jesus Christ is buried in the meaning of the first 10 names of the first 10 generations in the Bible.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be Strong And Do The Work

I was up quite early. Almost 4.30 A M As I read the scriptures, I lifted my heart in prayer:I read Haggai 2:4 "Be strong all you people of the land" declares the Lord,' and work. For I am with you."
This is exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord.' I am with you says the Lord almighty.' Then there is nothing to fear or doubt.

I stared writing from my heart to the Lord:

' Lord, you have a blue print for me
A plan, a purpose, a path specially for me.
Help me run on the track you have set for me.
Not looking back or on to the sides,
Not to watch others- to compare or criticize, Not even to applaud.
I have to run. The time is up.

Help me do the work you want me to do,
Have the attitude you require from me.
The joy and peace that is necessary Lord only you can supply these.
These are the STRENGTHS I need
Specially Your joy is my strength.
Today is the day to begin Lord.

Burn up the thorns that beset,
Let me be the vine that give the fruit you look for
Work on my discouragements and failures. Oh holy Spirit help me!
There is no time to waste
Lord start instantly.Renew.
Let my roots touch your spring of water and be refreshed.
Thank you Lord.'

How wonderful the Lord is! His word revived me.It put a new hope and joy into me.Truly His word is like the rain that refreshes the soul!
Needless to say the day was blessed. I was happy and had opportunities to help some one else.Praise the Lord

Thursday, January 29, 2009

God smiled on us

It was an anxious day. Though I prayed and gave me and my family in God's hands, Things have to be attended by us too. We cannot just fold our hands and sit after prayer.

My grand son was returning from Nepal. While attending a camp fire at a beach in an island near Bangkok while on his travel, he got pushed into the fire by accident and his arms and part of the ear got burned. He got treatment over there and was returning home.

It was a two and a half days flight. He informed us that his dressing has to be changed as soon as he arrives lest infection sets in. The flight will arrive at an hour when all clinics will be close or even open no doctors will be there..
We had a friend who was a retired senior nurse and her daughter too was in the same field . We had lost touch with them for a few years. But at our request they offered to do the needful to my grand son . This set the whole family at peace till the news of the flight being late came.Prayer helped us again:

These two ladies proved to be real followers of Jesus. At that late hour, almost mid night, they were up waiting for us. Smiling with pleasure they attended on my grand son. It appeared as if it gave them so much pleasure to be of help to some one. It made me so happy to see that there are such true followers of Christ. Of such only the bible says, 'Jesus will say on that day , 'I was sick you visited me. Then they whey will ask Him, when did we do that. He will reply what ever you did to the least of these, you did unto me.'

We were happy about what the daughter said: Some years ago her mom was seriously ill in the hospital, she was alone with her mother and panicked that she may die. As soon as we heard it in that hour of the night we went and waited with her. We had forgotten it. But she reminded us. If every one of us could remember and be grateful for the help others do, what a beautiful world it will be.

With joy we came home. Though late, like midnight feast we were had dinner. Thanked God for all the miracles he did for us that day and for keeping us in peace and making us so happy. We even had a cake with the lettering, 'God be praised For your safe arrival.'
My youngest grand daughter had something to share, which was like the the lovely topping on a cake: She said when she was rushing to the metro station that morning she saw and old man struggling with some bags trying to cross over. She went up to him, helped him to carry the bags, took him to a sheltered place and asked him where he was going etc. He told his destination. He was very old and panting. She was late for her appointment yet asked him if he liked to go by taxi to his place. The man asked her, 'do you have money to pay for the taxi'. She said, 'I'll give what ever I have in my wallet, there may be about five Dollars'. The man said, 'no I am ok to go by metro. It is only a short walk after that. I was struggling for breath in the cold. I just needed to rest a bit on a side. So many passed by but no one stopped to help me out. Thank you so much' and he opened his wallet took 20 Dollars. and gave her saying, 'this is for you'. She thanked him and refused to take it saying 'I did not do it for money', Then he told her, 'I am old but I have money. I am rich. I want to give this to you' and gave her 40 Dollars. She refused that too. saying that it is not because it was little she didn't take it, she did not help him for any kind of payment. Yet he insisted and she took it.It was fifty dollars!
She was happy she got the money. though she really helped him because he was struggling and helpless and she was blessed.

One good turn with out expecting any return as unto God does bring it's reward.

What a happy world it will be if every day every one behaves like this I thought Recalling these incidents this morning brought such sweet refreshing thoughts to my mind.When Jesus reigns on this earth the people will be loving like this, I thought.
God has His ways of speaking to us and letting things happen to put a smile on our face and cheer in our heart. What great friend he is!

I was reminded of two bible verses: 'Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" [Gal. 6:9]
'Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels with out knowing" [Heb. 13:2]

Friday, January 23, 2009

Encouragement To The seekers of Righteousness

Yesterday I took a step in bridging a long standing gap,to do what is right before God.It is amazing how the Lord assists even in minute details: I was planning this in my mind. Weighing the pros and cons.I told the Lord if the weather is good and the path is not slippery I'll walk to this place. The Lord who controls the nature, made a change in it. [I think just for my sake]I was able to walk to the place. He was with me all though the happenings. I trust God to work out the rest according to His will and plan. One day at a time, one step at a time, is His leading. Even blind folded we could trust Him and walk in safety, when our motive and desire is to be right, in His sight.

This morning He encouraged me by giving me Isiah 51 verses 1-6. " Listen to me you who o gave you birth. When I called him he was but one and I blessed him and made him many The Lord will surely comfort Zion and will look with compassion on all her ruins.He will make her desert like Eden and her waste land like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found in her. Thanks giving and sound of singing.--- The law will go from me, my justice will become a light to the nations My righteousness draws near speedily. My salvation is on the way and my arm will pursue righteousness and who seek the Lord: Look at Abraham your father and to Sarah whbring justice to the nations."

Abraham was only one person but much came from his faithfulness. He was righteous. He was not perfect but he sought to obey and please God above everything else.

If the faithful few would remain faithful more could come through them. Even we a faithful few remain faithful,imagine what god can do through us!
" Heaven will vanish like smoke. The earth will wear out like a garment and it's inhabitants die like flies. But my salvation will last for ever. My righteousness will never fail." [Isiah 51:6]

What a great blessing!

It s needless to say that while praising God I decided to follow Him all the way and to pray for others to do the same.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bring Life To Dry Bones

This morning the Lord encouraged me by a chapter from the old testament.
Ezekiel 37 speaks of how a valley full of dry bone came to life and became a huge army.It happened when the prophet at the command of the Lord, prophesied to the dry bones to come to life. His words had power because it was backed by God. Our words too will have power if we are led of the Holy Spirit and obey His commands,believing.

Dry bone are dead.They have no life in them.There is no hope of any life coming into them.

Spiritually we come to that state at times. I was burdened about the spiritual state of some of my dear ones and some churches. I was happy the Lord gave me the assurance that there is hope .
Who are the dead according to God's word?, I pondered. The man that walks out of the way of understanding, shall remain in the congregation of the dead. [Pro 21:16]
What a terrible state to be in!
In the parable of the prodigal son, the father told the elder brother who was displeased at the father for celebrating when the prodigal returned:
'It was meet that we should make merry and be glad for your brother was dead and is alive again'.
Jesus referred to the prodigal who returned to the father, as one dead and come back.
Ephesians 5:14 talks of the unsaved as dead in trespasses and sin. We were like that at one time.The Lord quickened us when we came to Him for salvation.

We could go back to the dead state if we are careless.The bible says,' she that lives in pleasure is dead while she live'[1Tim5:6
In the book of Revelation He says to the church in Sardis.'I know your works that you have a name that you live but you are dead,[Rev.3:1]
Whichever way we may be dead and be like dry bones with out hope, the Lord is able to give life and breath. He is able to make us soldiers for him!

May we in faith speak to whatever area we or our loved ones are dead. The Lord is able to do the impossible.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Saved To Serve And Have A Safe Arrival

Rejoice in that day and leap for joy! For indeed your reward is great in heaven. Luke6:23

Do I shun from hardships, suffering and persecutions,
That come from enemies, dear and near ones alike,
Daily in some form or other, not because I did wrong?
[ though some times it is]
I know now, it is part of the the path~
The narrow way to Glory.

There was joy in heaven,
When Christ finished the work of salvation.
There was rejoicing in heaven,
When I came to Christ and accepted Him.

Now I run the race to get my prize,
I work for him to bring others to Christ.
I live for Him to show His love and light,
To the world in darkness lies.
I keep myself under, to become like Christ
The Holy,just and righteous one in all His ways.

True, at times the path seems hard,
This I consider: how great the suffering Christ went through,
To bring me to Him , when I strayed away!
Mine is light, for a short time, soon it will be over!

I know there was joy in heaven at my salvation.
There will be greater joy at my glorification,
When I reach that blissful land~
Angels will welcome me, on arrival
To congratulate me with loved ones around ,
It's Grace and Grace alone I'll shout with joy.

My savior's love filled face I long to see.
with his smile so sweet to greet me,
His arms wide to embrace me,
I'll rush to meet Him in humble adoration.

Oh I realize! Heaven's atmosphere is He.
He is there all the time, hovering, embracing every one.
His glorious presence fills all heaven!
Comparable to none.
A novel experience indeed for me,
What an ecstasy it'll be!

These thoughts of comfort,I share with you:
O drooping, humble suffering saint~
Heaven assures a safe journey for you
And a rich reward on arrival.
Be strong, short is the night and travail
Fight the good fight

Ample is the strength, power and love
[Christ gives to enhance your might]
which make afflictions light.
Take courage, You are not alone.
Millions trod this path a fore,
Await to greet you at the dawn!

Here is a verse that gives me strength,
Trust it to enhance your strength:
"Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us,
An eternal glory that far out weighs them all.[2nd Cor. 4:17]