Monday, September 22, 2008

The LORD Is My Shepherd

Everyone knows the 23rd Psalm. When some thing that we know becomes a revelation, then we profit from it.

Today the Lord reminded me that He is my shepherd and He is leading me in such away that I lack nothing, spiritually, materially, physically and emotionally. He knows what is best for me to nourish me. So He leads me to that kind of green pastures and still waters that are good for me. I know for sure that He will guide me till the end of my journey.

I understood that the Lord being my shepherd, engineers the circumstances in my life. The people who are around me are placed by the Lord. They are just instruments used by the shepherd to strengthen, to correct and build my character. If I don't feel comfortable with any these, there is no point in complaining or grumbling or questioning about them.

It is true , some times we become dissatisfied with our circumstances or the around us who seem to annoy or hurt us. Then we tend to blame others or ourselves or question God

Jesus is the good shepherd[John10:11]; He is the great shepherd.[Heb.13:20]; He is the chief shepherd.[IstPeter5:4]

For Him to be MY shepherd, I should humble myself to be like a sheep to follow Him where ever He leads me. I can trust Him to lead me in the paths of righteousness alone.

He is the only one who will be with me in death, where no one else can come with me. Isn't it a wonderful thought of comfort and confidence?

Now my prayer is: Lord help me to follow you like a sheep that follows it's shepherd. I understand that to rebel against your leading by complaining, questioning or being hurt, is actually rebelling against my own interests. Help me remember it, when I tend to go my own way or find fault with others or get hurt with the people you have placed in my way.