Monday, January 10, 2011

The new Year !

My cousin sent a forward saying, ' O My God 2011 is a Special Year'
It said about it's speciality too:

' It will start on /1/11
After 10 days 11/1/11
After ten months
Then it will be 11/11/11
Isn't it fantastic!'

Unique indeed!

The year is special in other ways too: So many predictions: One is , a christian group saying that the tribulation is begining in a particlar month of this year.

Of course almost all the signs said in the bible for the return of Christt and the end of the world are being fulfilled now. Who knows whether all these events will culminate in what the bible says[Mat.24; mark13]in this year?

For me it is a special year in the sense I'll be 78 years in March, so much nearer to the grave. I am on a lease of life now. The bible age is three score and ten. All my lady relatives died in their eighties. So our family's life span for the ladies seems to be in eighties..So my time to quit the earth, breathe my last breath, is very near.

Does it scare me? Grieve me? No, is the asnwer. The reason is , I am sort of prepared: I am washed in the blood of Jesus and my sins, so many of them, are forgiven. Every day I am asking God to search me and know my heart, my thoughts, [ my attiudes, desires and goals too] and to see if there be some wicked way in me and to Cleanse me from every sin and set me free. The prayer answering God does answer my prayer by making me see my short comings. Things that I did not realise that I had in my nature which displeass the Lord, I am able to identify. I know it is the HolySpirit working in me and doing a process of sanification. I saw how selfish and self centered I have been. I saw the stinking pride and jealousy in me. I have been having a fault finding and criticising nature. Negative in my thoughts and talks..I was surprised that i did not see these earlier.I have offened others by these and thought others hurt me! So now I am thankful to God that He is preparing me.

When I am fully ready to meet Him, He will call me over there.

What will i take for Him. I cannot go empty handed, is an anxious thought. This year I have asked the Lord to give me more opportunities to do something, anything, that the Lord desires from me. I cannot make my own choices. I cannot afford to make a mistake. there is no time to correct it. So i have left it to Him to show me the way ,open doors of opportunities to let people know of the love and sacrifice of my Lord Jesus. The saved Souls and what ever I did to bring people to Him, is the only thing I could take with me. So this year I am looking forward to do that, God helping me.

I am retired from active work in this world No wordly responsibilities. I have enough time to pray, praise and intercede. I know I am not doing it as i ought to . So I am deciding to pay attention to it. Less of the laptop and more time in God's word and prayer at his feet.

I am aware that our enemy, the Devil is not pleased now. He will try his level best to put blocks on my path this year. i got to be alert,knowing his devices.
Every day, every minute , every second of this year,2011, is important to me. How about you?