Saturday, August 22, 2015

What an experience!

It is amazing how the holy spirit controls and guides our thought life. When we pay attention to his promptings and impressions, life  becomes interesting.!
I am enjoying a good vacation in Srilanka at my youngest sister's house. It is a modern house with many rooms and facilties.
Every morning various activities go on in her house.It is interesting to watch and participate in some of them.
My sister is up very early By 4 am I hear her singing praises in the kitchen praising God and making the tea for the household and the meal for her two dogs [ she has a help but my sister does not wake her up. She gets up on her own and comes plasantly to help.] A niece of ours stays with her she goes to teach at Wattala , which is quite far from Dehiwala She also joins us in the kitchen. My sister starts the moring praise and prayer as the work goes on.
It is a nice feeling to remember every member of our family which ever part of the world they may be,praise God for them and pray for their needs and commit them to the almighty's care for the day.It gives me a picture of our whole family and friends meeting with our creator , father, friend, guide and counsellor.
By this time the tea is made and kept . Her husband and son walks in and take their cup and walk away from our gathering. the niece goes to get ready to go to school. She leaves the house at 5.30 am!I feel happy to see a house hold starting the day like this.
My room is in the annex of their house. Though it has a separate entrance ,I could walk through their rooms to the kitchen.I have to pass through my living room and two of their bedrooms and a corridor to reach the kitcchen. The lights in this area are not on .So when I switch on my room light and start waking towards the kitchen,I get a glimmer of light from the kitchen. I could easyily stumble on some object,It is pratically dark. But I enjoy the walk as it is then the holy Spitit gives me useful impressions which i sometimes share with others in the kitchen.

Last week I was reminded of the valley of the shadow of death. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil, for you are with me. May be when I pass thorough the valley of death I will have the light on earth just before I close my eyes on earth, then I don't know how it will be. May be dark , but the glimmer of light from heaven will light my path while the Lord's presence comes with me. I'll safely reach home. I think it is a wonderful practical lesson that I had from the HolySpirit..
This morning ,it was pitch dark when I started my journey. so  I switched one of the lights in one room , I was able to walk with out stumbling on anything.I thought of the verse which says His word is a lamp to my feet. Just enough light to pass through and then I switched it off. God's word also has given me the right counsel, the needed comfort in my journey of life at the right moment, for the moment.

If only we tune our ears to his soft whisper in every situation He will be talking to us. Just like when Jesus was on this earth, all the time  He was conversing to his disciples ,giving a lesson from every circumstance they faced or situation they were in. Can anyone feel lonely if our Lord in the spirit constantly keep talking to us, good things? It is a beautiful experience to be cultivated.
Like William wordswoth I could say these will later " falsh accoss my inward eyes which is the bliss of solitude"
I think I should add that all could have this kind of experience. because our Lord loves to talk to us.

           The following is being added in 2015. Wow! I am still alive . My Lord still speaks and guides me. Beautiful experience  which all could have!]

The Lord's Eyes

I went to church in Adyar Chennai after 20 years.I was disappointed that I could not place or spot anyone known to me. May be ,in that lage gathering there sure will be some one known to me, was my thought. Every one was closing their eye and worshipping while I looked here and there.
May be people are changed . Aged like me . Or may be I am changed they cannot make me out.My thoughts didn't go for more than 5 or 10 minutes, the holyspirit spoke in my heart. Ha said whether anyone is looking at you or you lloking for some one is not important. whther you see or the see you is not the matter .I see you I am looking at you.
I came to my senses to realize why I came to church. The rest of the service blessed me because I worshiped my Lord and master.There was purpose and meaning for me. I am sure the Lord was pleased because He blessed me so much that I did everything unto him for him to see.
I wish this revelation came to me much before . I wish it comes to everyone in every service!

My come back and Hope

                                    Let Me Start Again!

It is not that easy to start writing again after a lapse of a few years.
It is not that I did not get any inspirations in the mornings.God constantly keeps speaking, specially to anyone who is anxiously waiting to hear from Him.

Technology keeps changing, while my age keeps advancing not being able to keep up with the new improvements.Eyes and ears diminish in their functions.That did not hinder me from writing. it is that I could not get to   my blog on my new iPad.!

Thanks to my grand son, in less than five minutes he helped out to over come this impediment. Here I am to share my thoughts  once again!

God has been good to me all the time. Leading  me upholding me,encouraging me,guiding and giving  me good health and peace.

He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.In between He is our guide if we submit our lives to His plan and purpose.

I learnt  one great lesson:  It  is not for me to make my plans and ask God to bless it. it is for my part to submit to His plan and will that He has about me in prayer and ask Him to guide me . This will bring contentment, joy and success.

The best way to live is to be surrendered to the almighty and live in His presence. True, as humans we fail and fall but God's  grace has provided a way to rise up and come back: Repentance and being washed by the blood of Jesus and cleansed by it.

Thus I am journeying in this path of righteousness and hoping for the reward of the righteous at the end of my journey on this earth.

I wish, hope and pray that I will be  one on whom the blessing of the righteous will be bestowed. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  ----.They rest from their labors and their works do follow them."
This is my hope. what is yours?