Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Lord's Eyes

I went to church in Adyar Chennai after 20 years.I was disappointed that I could not place or spot anyone known to me. May be ,in that lage gathering there sure will be some one known to me, was my thought. Every one was closing their eye and worshipping while I looked here and there.
May be people are changed . Aged like me . Or may be I am changed they cannot make me out.My thoughts didn't go for more than 5 or 10 minutes, the holyspirit spoke in my heart. Ha said whether anyone is looking at you or you lloking for some one is not important. whther you see or the see you is not the matter .I see you I am looking at you.
I came to my senses to realize why I came to church. The rest of the service blessed me because I worshiped my Lord and master.There was purpose and meaning for me. I am sure the Lord was pleased because He blessed me so much that I did everything unto him for him to see.
I wish this revelation came to me much before . I wish it comes to everyone in every service!

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