Sunday, October 17, 2010

God Be In My day Today

It is 18th October over here in Srilanka. I was up guite early as usual.But Rani was alreaady in the kitchen making breakfast and lunchen. It was for Thaya.Thaya leaves the house at 5 45 am to go to Wattala to teach. She takes her luch with her.I thought God will bless Rani for looking after her niece so well1 She had been doing that for her and for her sister Nila. No wonder she and her children are blessed!

I read the word.' My boast is in the lord.' Yes I have nothing to boast of. If others could see any good in me it is of the Lord or the lord made them see that for their benefit.RI looked up all the verses.[Ps 34:2; 44:8; Isa45:25;Jeri9;24; rom 2:17;1cor1;31;2nd cor10;17] Isn't the Lord wonderful to show me these verses.

I liked the verse, " my soul will boast in the Lord Let the afflicted hear and rejoice" I thought of what happened in the church yesterday.After I said my healing testimony and the word two new people with problems came and spoke to me . They were afflicted. May be I should have prayed with them then and there but as usual i was not bold. [A wrong attitude] I said I'll pray for them and i did at home.

My God is a good friend He shows me where I go wrong. It may be He tells me before hand and don't hear Him.

I got panicky about going to Singapore by ourselves,Rani and I. All of a sudden and decided to extend my visa over here and go late to Singapore By that time I may have some contacts. i wised Thamby may have believers whom he can introduce. So immediately I wrote to the travel agent not to book but to give me the quotation.She may consider me a ficckle minded person.Well I am and i should not be.

Talking to jogi was good It was so refreshing to look at her fresh youthful face She is cleaning up the house! How nice.But good if she does not throw all the things.

I was a bit sad that Roshan and Hesh did not talk but they must have been busy. Today is Diya's party.I prayed and hope that the Lord will do some work in H's family through the witness of Indren and Roshan.

Abraham is taking Yoga to Kilinochy.I prayed that everything will work out for the good.'The righteous cry and the Lord ears themHe delivers them from all their troubles'Ps34:17.
Thank God for His timely word!

Lord Bless this day Make me a blessing in some way to some body I pray

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who Is Worthy?

In apostle John's vision , he heard a voice calling out who is worthy? No answer. There was no one worthy enough to break the seals and open the scroll that was in the hands of the Lord.There was sorrow in heaven. Dismay! John began to weep as there was no one in heaven or on earth to open it. Yes not even in heaven!
Then came the lamb of God.Jesus Christ! Only He was worthy!It was no one else but our Jesus Christ!
A shout of joy. There was some one![ Rev 5:i-14]
How did He become worthy? by His obediece. His sufferings and how He went through it . He suffered not because any of his fault. He went through patienly, Quietly,,willingly, without complaining, for the redemption of you and me.His blood was drained from his body, so that my sins could be washed away and I'll be set free from the cluches of the enemy

As I read this I was full of awe . My heart was filled with greatfullness for what Jesus has done for me.'To save a wretch like me!' Not only we are called to be His bride and coheirs with Him but also to reign with Him! What a high and majestic calling!

I am I worthy? Are we worthy?

We shoud be like Him to become worthy. I read the scriptures that said of His suffering. ,He endured humiliation In His humiliation He was deprived of justice[acts8:33] He made himself nothing. taking the form of a servant. [[Ph2:7,8].He was mocked, revlled and crucified. He obeyed , suffered and died patiently, humbly and lovinly. He rose again and is alive today to help us.

I thought of What the psalmist said in the 15th chapter:
"Lord who may live in your Holy hill?" The answere was:
He whose walk is blameless and who does what is righteous,Who speaks the truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue, who does his neighbourno wrong, and cast no slur on his fellowmen, who dispises a vile man but honours those who fear the Lord,who keeps his oath even when it hurts,who lends his money withoutusury,and doesnot accept a bribe against the innocent.
He who does these things will never be shaken."

Who can reach such a standard? is another question that rises in our minds. We fail so many times but thanks to Jesus, we could ask forgiveness.He won the victory for us on Calvary, just to make us like Him. His pure charecter to be formed in us.
When we go to Him just as we are He will clean us and make us worthy. He will help us to grow to His character, by His grace.
We need not be dismayed .He is able to do it if we trust and have faith in Him
This is His calling for each one of us : To reign with Him.The one who was found worthy to break open the scroll If we suffer with Him we shall be made worthy to reign with Him.
I praise God for this great high calling!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Somehow God turns me to Him

It is the10th October 2010.
I was preparing to go to Srilanka. So many things to do and things to buy to take occupied my mind.The time I spent with my Lord was less. I was stealing God's time. The result was my carnal nature began to show : I became touchy, things people said and did made me sad. I lost my joy and peace in the Lord.
Ian brought his girl to show his grand father We gave them dinner. Sice i slept in the aftoon,I was ablr to keep up till late. I could have prayed read the word ,spent some time with the Lord. No. I was not inclined that way. Then I knew I have neglected the holy Spirit.
I took one of my old note books and opened a page. What I had written there made me realise that disppointments and pain causes lonely feeling which in turn draw us near to God. God wants to draw us closer to him and be our friend .Without him we will drown into depression.
I opened a page I had written in Scotland in October2009 from Hesh's place. What i had written brought my mind back to my saviour who loves and cares for me so much. Lest I forget, when this book this thrown away, I thought I'll write it down. Here is what I had written and what i read last night.
it is:
I awoke at 2 30 am.I didn't want to get up and come to the kitchen[where i read and pray] i wanted to sleep a little more but i was wide awake.So many thoughts.I tried to recall what I read.I thought that only worship brings back the joy.
I tried to praise the lord but only different kinds of worship and prayers I had Participated came to my mind [prevousely gone to]I couldn't focus on Jesus. I was not happy about this wondering mindI CALLED ON THE HOLYSPIRIT TO HELP ME.
SuddenlyA song came to my mind.
' Lean on his arms, trusting in his love,
Lean on hia arm all his mercies flow,
Lean on his arms looking home above ,
just lean on the saviou's arm '
It came to my mind.It was so clear.
I paused on each line As i meditated, I literaly leaned on his arms.--Resting my mind and body. What a great relaxation came to me.I felt so relaxed after so many years may be!There is no one or nothing else to put our trust on except the promise of his everlasting love.
I recalled baby Diya looking at the face of her mom, just trusting her and sleeping with out any fearor worry.I was like that now.His love will never fail It is in abundance!As I lean on him all his mercies will flow to me as a mother's love oozes and flows to her baby.He will have pity on me. his mercy will never let me go stray away from him. His love is everlasting.He is merciful to the righteous and unrighteous.
LOOKING HOME ABOVE! What a beautiful hope!I HAVE a HOME!I can look forward to go there.It is being prepared for me. My Lord will lead me toward that home .A permanant place for me.
These days I have been visiting some homes over here. The ladieshave kept them so clean and posh.They looked so cosy,I have no place to call my own home here. .
The lord on whose arm i could just relax , while His love and mercy flow to me, is preparing me for that home! There is rest from my toil[I have not much bodily toil over here but but plenty in the mind] and life with out care, I want to be there sweet home.
Until then I'll be looking home above!
My! what a lovely thought the HolySpirit filled me with! I went to sleep with a smile on my face and woke up at 5am Now I can say 'I am walking with Jesus, there is nothing now to fear,
I am walking with Jesus there is none to me so dear,
I am walking with Jesus He wipeth every tear
I am walking alone with Jesus!.

This mornig As I copied what I wrote some years ago the holy Spirit ministered to me. Praise the lord! holy Spirit you are real .thank you.