Sunday, October 17, 2010

God Be In My day Today

It is 18th October over here in Srilanka. I was up guite early as usual.But Rani was alreaady in the kitchen making breakfast and lunchen. It was for Thaya.Thaya leaves the house at 5 45 am to go to Wattala to teach. She takes her luch with her.I thought God will bless Rani for looking after her niece so well1 She had been doing that for her and for her sister Nila. No wonder she and her children are blessed!

I read the word.' My boast is in the lord.' Yes I have nothing to boast of. If others could see any good in me it is of the Lord or the lord made them see that for their benefit.RI looked up all the verses.[Ps 34:2; 44:8; Isa45:25;Jeri9;24; rom 2:17;1cor1;31;2nd cor10;17] Isn't the Lord wonderful to show me these verses.

I liked the verse, " my soul will boast in the Lord Let the afflicted hear and rejoice" I thought of what happened in the church yesterday.After I said my healing testimony and the word two new people with problems came and spoke to me . They were afflicted. May be I should have prayed with them then and there but as usual i was not bold. [A wrong attitude] I said I'll pray for them and i did at home.

My God is a good friend He shows me where I go wrong. It may be He tells me before hand and don't hear Him.

I got panicky about going to Singapore by ourselves,Rani and I. All of a sudden and decided to extend my visa over here and go late to Singapore By that time I may have some contacts. i wised Thamby may have believers whom he can introduce. So immediately I wrote to the travel agent not to book but to give me the quotation.She may consider me a ficckle minded person.Well I am and i should not be.

Talking to jogi was good It was so refreshing to look at her fresh youthful face She is cleaning up the house! How nice.But good if she does not throw all the things.

I was a bit sad that Roshan and Hesh did not talk but they must have been busy. Today is Diya's party.I prayed and hope that the Lord will do some work in H's family through the witness of Indren and Roshan.

Abraham is taking Yoga to Kilinochy.I prayed that everything will work out for the good.'The righteous cry and the Lord ears themHe delivers them from all their troubles'Ps34:17.
Thank God for His timely word!

Lord Bless this day Make me a blessing in some way to some body I pray

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