Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life Purpose -Donation

Donation is the third duty and purpose of our life. Donation does not only mean giving out money or stuff to the needy with out expecting any return .

It has a deeper spiritual meaning: God has given us so many things. It is He who has given us this very life. Bible says, ' either you give or you lose your life.' " who ever wants to save his life shall lose it but whoever loses his life for me, shall find it". [Mat.16:25] We have a natural tendency for self preservation and feel reluctant to go all out serving the Lord. But if we really love God we will not hesitate to even to lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel.'It is more blessed to give than to receive" are words of our Lord Jesus himself. IPeter4:10]

God has promised His power and authority to us [ Luke10:19] and has also given us a commission." Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out devils. Freely you have received, freely give"[Mat10:8] This is a donation.

The talents and gifts we have are from God. We are expected to Donate them to him. We received them to serve God and others with it.

When I meditated on the above, my heart raised a payer to the Lord, who loved us so much: Lord, everything we have are given by you freely. Help us to donate them to you, to serve others in your name without grudging.

I also sang the little chorus. I meant what I sang:
All that I have,
All that I am
All I shall ever be,
Cannot repay the love that I owe,
I surrender to Thee.

I wish you too will sing it along with me!

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