Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be Strong And Do The Work

I was up quite early. Almost 4.30 A M As I read the scriptures, I lifted my heart in prayer:I read Haggai 2:4 "Be strong all you people of the land" declares the Lord,' and work. For I am with you."
This is exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord.' I am with you says the Lord almighty.' Then there is nothing to fear or doubt.

I stared writing from my heart to the Lord:

' Lord, you have a blue print for me
A plan, a purpose, a path specially for me.
Help me run on the track you have set for me.
Not looking back or on to the sides,
Not to watch others- to compare or criticize, Not even to applaud.
I have to run. The time is up.

Help me do the work you want me to do,
Have the attitude you require from me.
The joy and peace that is necessary Lord only you can supply these.
These are the STRENGTHS I need
Specially Your joy is my strength.
Today is the day to begin Lord.

Burn up the thorns that beset,
Let me be the vine that give the fruit you look for
Work on my discouragements and failures. Oh holy Spirit help me!
There is no time to waste
Lord start instantly.Renew.
Let my roots touch your spring of water and be refreshed.
Thank you Lord.'

How wonderful the Lord is! His word revived me.It put a new hope and joy into me.Truly His word is like the rain that refreshes the soul!
Needless to say the day was blessed. I was happy and had opportunities to help some one else.Praise the Lord

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