Thursday, January 29, 2009

God smiled on us

It was an anxious day. Though I prayed and gave me and my family in God's hands, Things have to be attended by us too. We cannot just fold our hands and sit after prayer.

My grand son was returning from Nepal. While attending a camp fire at a beach in an island near Bangkok while on his travel, he got pushed into the fire by accident and his arms and part of the ear got burned. He got treatment over there and was returning home.

It was a two and a half days flight. He informed us that his dressing has to be changed as soon as he arrives lest infection sets in. The flight will arrive at an hour when all clinics will be close or even open no doctors will be there..
We had a friend who was a retired senior nurse and her daughter too was in the same field . We had lost touch with them for a few years. But at our request they offered to do the needful to my grand son . This set the whole family at peace till the news of the flight being late came.Prayer helped us again:

These two ladies proved to be real followers of Jesus. At that late hour, almost mid night, they were up waiting for us. Smiling with pleasure they attended on my grand son. It appeared as if it gave them so much pleasure to be of help to some one. It made me so happy to see that there are such true followers of Christ. Of such only the bible says, 'Jesus will say on that day , 'I was sick you visited me. Then they whey will ask Him, when did we do that. He will reply what ever you did to the least of these, you did unto me.'

We were happy about what the daughter said: Some years ago her mom was seriously ill in the hospital, she was alone with her mother and panicked that she may die. As soon as we heard it in that hour of the night we went and waited with her. We had forgotten it. But she reminded us. If every one of us could remember and be grateful for the help others do, what a beautiful world it will be.

With joy we came home. Though late, like midnight feast we were had dinner. Thanked God for all the miracles he did for us that day and for keeping us in peace and making us so happy. We even had a cake with the lettering, 'God be praised For your safe arrival.'
My youngest grand daughter had something to share, which was like the the lovely topping on a cake: She said when she was rushing to the metro station that morning she saw and old man struggling with some bags trying to cross over. She went up to him, helped him to carry the bags, took him to a sheltered place and asked him where he was going etc. He told his destination. He was very old and panting. She was late for her appointment yet asked him if he liked to go by taxi to his place. The man asked her, 'do you have money to pay for the taxi'. She said, 'I'll give what ever I have in my wallet, there may be about five Dollars'. The man said, 'no I am ok to go by metro. It is only a short walk after that. I was struggling for breath in the cold. I just needed to rest a bit on a side. So many passed by but no one stopped to help me out. Thank you so much' and he opened his wallet took 20 Dollars. and gave her saying, 'this is for you'. She thanked him and refused to take it saying 'I did not do it for money', Then he told her, 'I am old but I have money. I am rich. I want to give this to you' and gave her 40 Dollars. She refused that too. saying that it is not because it was little she didn't take it, she did not help him for any kind of payment. Yet he insisted and she took it.It was fifty dollars!
She was happy she got the money. though she really helped him because he was struggling and helpless and she was blessed.

One good turn with out expecting any return as unto God does bring it's reward.

What a happy world it will be if every day every one behaves like this I thought Recalling these incidents this morning brought such sweet refreshing thoughts to my mind.When Jesus reigns on this earth the people will be loving like this, I thought.
God has His ways of speaking to us and letting things happen to put a smile on our face and cheer in our heart. What great friend he is!

I was reminded of two bible verses: 'Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" [Gal. 6:9]
'Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels with out knowing" [Heb. 13:2]

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