Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Walk today

"Enoch walked with God and he was not.[Genesis6:24] Daily Enoch walked and by his side was the holy, almighty Lord directing his path. He would have consulted God about every little thing and obeyed Him. Thus he walked and he walked and walked and one day he was not to be found on earth. He walked with God into eternity! He went to be with the Lord for ever. No more trials , sorrow, pain or parting in that blissful eternity.

Enoch was not a single man. He had a wife and many children. He worked to provide for his family. He had a life like you and me. But he was doing everything to please his Lord God. His walk was with God.

He lived for three hundred and sixty five years!It is amazing that he was able to please God in such a way that God just took him to be with Him. He did not die like all humans.

This is what I desire. I want to walk with the Lord today, every day and when my walk in this world ends, I will be with the Lord for ever.

The end may be at the rapture, when Jesus comes to take away those who are waiting for His appearing or it may be my death. What ever it may be, my walk with the Lord is all I need.

That walk is a walk in the light and in truth. A walk of faith trusting in God for every thing. It is a Holy Spirit guided life filled with the fruit of the spirit.It is a walk in love. It looks as if I am aspiring very high. True. But with God all things are possible.

You and I are called for such a life, to be imitators of Christ.[Ep.5:1&2] He who has called us is faithful. He will help us to walk with Him as Enoch did and we will go with him when the trumpet sounds.

My prayer is, ' Lord, let me walk with you today. Let your presence be with me all the time.

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