Friday, January 16, 2009

Saved To Serve And Have A Safe Arrival

Rejoice in that day and leap for joy! For indeed your reward is great in heaven. Luke6:23

Do I shun from hardships, suffering and persecutions,
That come from enemies, dear and near ones alike,
Daily in some form or other, not because I did wrong?
[ though some times it is]
I know now, it is part of the the path~
The narrow way to Glory.

There was joy in heaven,
When Christ finished the work of salvation.
There was rejoicing in heaven,
When I came to Christ and accepted Him.

Now I run the race to get my prize,
I work for him to bring others to Christ.
I live for Him to show His love and light,
To the world in darkness lies.
I keep myself under, to become like Christ
The Holy,just and righteous one in all His ways.

True, at times the path seems hard,
This I consider: how great the suffering Christ went through,
To bring me to Him , when I strayed away!
Mine is light, for a short time, soon it will be over!

I know there was joy in heaven at my salvation.
There will be greater joy at my glorification,
When I reach that blissful land~
Angels will welcome me, on arrival
To congratulate me with loved ones around ,
It's Grace and Grace alone I'll shout with joy.

My savior's love filled face I long to see.
with his smile so sweet to greet me,
His arms wide to embrace me,
I'll rush to meet Him in humble adoration.

Oh I realize! Heaven's atmosphere is He.
He is there all the time, hovering, embracing every one.
His glorious presence fills all heaven!
Comparable to none.
A novel experience indeed for me,
What an ecstasy it'll be!

These thoughts of comfort,I share with you:
O drooping, humble suffering saint~
Heaven assures a safe journey for you
And a rich reward on arrival.
Be strong, short is the night and travail
Fight the good fight

Ample is the strength, power and love
[Christ gives to enhance your might]
which make afflictions light.
Take courage, You are not alone.
Millions trod this path a fore,
Await to greet you at the dawn!

Here is a verse that gives me strength,
Trust it to enhance your strength:
"Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us,
An eternal glory that far out weighs them all.[2nd Cor. 4:17]

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