Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are Out Casts Accepted?

I see many kinds of 'out casts' in the world today. People are ostracized, excommunicated, dissociated, or condemned for various reasons: Being born in a low cast family, a particular nationality or race, peculiar life styles, not conforming to the code of conduct or rules, are some of the reasons. Adultery, fornication or criminal activities are other genuine causes. These' cast aways, whether they deserve it or not, definitely feel despised, lonely, sad , bitter and angry. Those who did the casting away too feel hurt and angry.

How did Jesus view such a situation? This question probed my mind. The Bible says that Jesus associated with them. He received the despised sinners, publicans and harlots. He DID NOT approve of their actions but loved them as human beings. That kind of love changed them to be better persons. How do you know this, you may ask:

I saw the healed blind man being excommunicated by the religious leaders for believing in Jesus, who gave him sight. [John. 9;35] Jesus asked the man, 'Do you believe in the son of man?'. When the man knew that Jesus was the ' son of man, he said,' Lord I believe' and worshiped Him.

Then I saw an adulterous woman caught red handed, condemned and ready to be stoned to death according to the law, being brought to Jesus. She went away forgiven and accepted by Jesus. Jesus told her, ' neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.'[Luke 7:47]

The most amazing is the acceptance of the dying thief on the cross: Condemned by law, yet he accepted Jesus as the savior who was going to establish a kingdom for the forgiven righteous ones. Jesus did not shun or ignore him . He said " Today you will be in paradise with me.[Luke 23: 43

Jesus received despised sinners, publicans and harlots and loved them unconditionally. He advised them to believe on Jesus as the savior and give up their sinful ways, after being forgiven. The willingness to give up the old ways is very essential for the healing of rejection and hurt.

The condemned and those who cast them away, need Jesus because only he can heal them. He understands them and loves them. He is able to forgive and change them. Even the indifferent ones need Him.

I praised God for the grace He poured on me and accepting me as I was. And I prayed for those who need Him.

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