Saturday, June 14, 2008

Love Knows When to Speak

The trial scene of Jesus before the Sanhedrin, spoke to me of the love of Jesus for everyone. [Mark14:55-65]

There were many false witnesses against Him: The truth that He preached was misrepresented [v. 58], yet Jesus kept silent. Why didn't he speak out and explain what he meant or call one of those whom he healed or followed him, as witnesses? He could have explained that the temple he referred was not the building but his body [v. 58]. It was because his motive was to save all, even those who were against him and jealous of him.

Yet later He answered the high priest's question! I wondered why.

Not answering the fabricated accusations was wiser than trying to clarify them. But if Jesus had refrained from answering the question: "Are you the Christ the son of the blessed?" [v61], it would have been taken as denial of his mission. Jesus not only answered, "I am.", He also predicted a reversal of his role, that one day, He will be judging the world! Yes that day is fast approaching! All of us are waiting for that day... [Rev.20:11-13]

Jesus had the divine wisdom to know when to answer and when not to. His silence for the first time, not exposing the false witnesses who sinned, not knowing what they were doing, would have spoken to them and brought them to repentance later.

His answering the second time established the fact that He was Christ the son of God, the saviour of the world. The answer infuriated the pharisees to condemn him to death, which fulfilled the purpose for which he came to earth.

Our speech or silence should be motivated by love for God and others, regardless of the consequences we may have to face. When we are confronted or falsely accused, to think only of a of a way of escape will be selfish. We should decide whether we want to be popular with man or God.


Anonymous said...

I pray that we would all reflect on how our speech or actions will impact others: only speaking when it is the loving thing to do.
Anonymous C

Elizabeth said...

If we fill our hearts with God's love and train our minds to think as St. Paul advised in Philippians 4:8, our mouths will open only to convey God's love to others.