Monday, June 23, 2008

The Graduation Day.

My grand daughter's graduation was a great exciting day for me. The beautiful ceremony was very touching. Memories of her first day at school passed before my eyes. At last the day had come to finish her High school days!

I had a gift ready for her. She was very pleased with it. It was a cute standing snoopy dog with a graduation cap and a neat place to tuck in money or a gift card. It will sing to you when it's stomach is pressed. I bought it in states, when she had just started her 11th grade. I had it hidden for her so long . Then it looked as though Iwould have to hold on to it for a very long time. But the time seemed to fly and the day arrived for her to get the gift, I longed to give her. She deserved it too. I can not describe how thrilled she was to get it!

My thoughts went to the gift our lord has prepared for us to reward us on our graduation day. The Bible says,"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him" [1Cor. 2:9]. He has decided the date, though we do not know it. It appears so far away, but soon we will be there.

I like the way T.L Moody described his departure from this world for his graduation. He said, "The earth recedes. Heaven opens before me. It is beautiful. It is like a trance. If this is death, it is sweet. God is calling me. I must go. Don't call me back."

At death, his work on earth came to an end. He would have had his graduation reward in heaven! True to his earlier preaching: 'I was born in flesh in 1837, born of the spirit in 1855. That which is born of the spirit shall live for ever', he he went to be with the Lord in 1899.

I wish I too could say like him when my graduation day arrives at last.

How about you?

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