Friday, October 24, 2008

Life's Purpose-1

Life is meaningless without a purpose. For some the sole purpose in life is to make money. Some are duty bound. There are others for whom seeking pleasure wherever and whenever possible is all that they look for in life.

It was refreshing for me to learn this morning that for a christian there are three purposes for their life, based on the word of God: Appropriation, formation and donation. All these three have to take place in a Christian's life. It may take place at the same time in different areas of one's life or at different times.

Aspiration is a time of taking in. We should aspire to receive salvation." I will take the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the lord." says the psalmist . [Ps. 116:13]

Instruction is another thing one has to aspire for. " Take hold of instruction; Let her not go; Keep her, for she is your life."[Pr.4:13]

We ought to aspire for divine strength too. With out God's strength we just cannot go on in this life is an experiential truth. Our Lord offers it to us freely:
" Let him take hold of my strength that he may make peace with me and he shall make peace with me."[Is.27:5]

We have to be aware of the opportunities God gives us to be useful in His kingdom. The parable Jesus said about stewardship in Luke 19 tells of the Lord who gave his servants money and told them " Occupy till I come." He is telling the same thing to us, as He bestows gifts to us. We ought to seize that opportunity and gain the resulting blessing for now and eternity.

The greatest of all aspiration is for the water of life ." The Spirit and the bride say come and let him that hear say come and whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." [Rev.22:17]

When we have such Godly aspirations, I am sure Our Lord will help us to fulfill this part of our purpose in our spiritual growth.

I hope you are blessed by this as I am. May th Lord help us to have the right kind of purpose for our life.

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