Monday, October 20, 2008

Whom are we serving?

I was taken aback at the remark of a sweet, successful, young lady, after the service one Sunday. 'Do we have to leave our jobs, homes and be in the church all the time? She suddenly asked. This is a girl who always says positive encouraging things! I was troubled why she said so.

The sermon was on serving the Lord. It was evident that she did not understand what is expected of her. So many like her are disillusioned about serving God.

All are expected to serve God. Some are called like the apostles to forsake all and follow Christ. "If any man serve me let him follow me and where I am there shall also my servant be: If any man serve me him will my father honor" [John12:26] What a great reward is promised to the one who serves Christ by following Him! He will be with Christ in eternity and the father will honor him!

How do we serve Christ? We do have our jobs studies and daily tasks to attend to. We are entitled to rest and recreation as well, one may say.

As we go through the day, how, where and with what attitude we engage in our daily activities, show whom we serve. Are we serving ourselves, the devil or Christ? It is a good habit to take a stock of our day, at the end of each day.

Serving self, is being selfish and self centered in our motives, in the things that we do. Engaging ourselves in talking and planning things that are not pleasing to God, is serving the devil. No one can please two masters, is a well known saying.

We may be doing a secular job. If we do it well, as doing a service" unto the Lord and not unto men", [Eph, 6:7] it become a service to God. It will bring glory to God.

Bearing other peoples' burdens, [Galationns6:2] helping them and praying for them are counted as service to God. "As we have therefore opportunities, let us do good unto all men"[Gal.6:10]
It is not the lack of time, but the lack of willingness that prevents people from serving the right master.

When we start doing every thing as though we are doing it to the Lord, He will bring in more opportunities to be a blessing, giving joy to others. There by we will introduce Jesus to them.
Serving the Lord becomes easy and joyful, if 'Self' goes out of us.

May God help us to serve our master the right way, selflessly through out the day.

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