Friday, December 19, 2008

The Birhday Boy Is missing

People are preparing for a grand Christmas celebration. Though buying of gifts, organizing parties and dinners, the time and energy spent, and the expense involved, wear them out, they some how look forward to the excitement that is awaiting them. The thought of feasting and dancing with friends spur them up despite the difficulties they face today.

I am reminded of a story I heard: It was a fabulous birthday party. It was well organized . Any one could see that much money and time had been devoted to make it so grand. The choice invitees were from the rich and famous class. Compliments were being given lavishly to the hostess. Greetings and laughter thrilled the every one.

Suddenly one of the guests asked, 'Where is the birthday boy? I saw him as a baby. I can't believe he is one year old today.'
'Oh we left him with the baby sitter. Can we have a good time if he is here?'
'Quite true.' Her friend agreed. " You did a wise thing." Both of them emptied their wine glasses and went to get a stronger drink, little realizing that the baby's birthday was the reason for that grand party!.

Our Christmas celebrations should not be like this party. Let us have Jesus in the midst of our celebrations. It will prevent us from including things that He does not approve of in our parties.

It is a good opportunity to introduce Jesus Christ to our friends.

Let us remember to include Jesus, who is the reason for the season in all that we do during these festive days this year.

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