Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Danger! Run for Protection!

"He shall cover you with His feathers, under His wings shall you trust. His truth shall be your shield and buckler"
Psalms 91:4

I remembered an interesting scene I witnessed, when I was a child in the countryside: A mother hen and her brood of about twenty or more chicken were having a cool time in the sun. The chicks were running all over the garden fearlessly, learning to get food and playing too. Suddenly, the mother hen made a noise. Immediately, all the chickens ran from wherever they were and hid under the hen's wings. Somehow the hen's two wings hid all the chickens and I could not spot a single one of them. The chicks were hidden under the wings till the danger passed. As a hawk flew away from the area, the mother hen let the chicks out of her wings into the open again. The little chicks hid themselves because of the warning signal the mother bird gave. The little ones understood it and knew what to do.

Above them, the hawk flew round and round, at times stooping down and then going up. It was aiming to get the chicks. The hen knew the danger and hid the chicks under her wings, where they rested safely and comfortably under the soft feathers! Had any one of the chicks turned a deaf ear to the mother's warning, that one would have been prey to the hawk that day!

The verse above compares the protection our Lord desires to give us, to that of the mother hen.

There are so many dangers waiting to prey on us in this world. The danger alerts are in the word of God. The Holy spirit too, warns us. Only those who heed the warning and act on it, will be safe from danger. Some may think lightly of it and not listen. Others may not want to obey and run for protection. Others still, may seek protection in the wrong places. They will be the losers.

There is protection, safety, provision and security, along with tenderness in the Lord. It is a place we can run to, when we fear. We could rest there in perfect peace of mind and contentment in the midst of the wickedness of this sin cursed world.

Lord help us to discern your voice and obey. May your truth be our shield and buckler.

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Anonymous said...

I am thankful that I am safe under the Lord's wing today. I am also reminded that I need to read God's word everyday so that i will be aware of the dangers I need to avoid.

Anonymous C