Friday, May 9, 2008

The Sun, Moon and Stars Reflect the Constancy of God

Recently, my family gave me a surprise party for my 75th birthday. All the wishes and memories of incidents were collected from my loved ones and given to me as a token of love. A few sentences from one of my granddaughter's wishes caught my attention and made me glad.

She wrote: "...You are like a super hero. Your super power being... Constant? Constantly waking up grand daughters! Constantly making food, packing food, ... constantly praying, reading the bible, constantly being awesome! ..." It was a great tribute to me.

I thought of the divine constancy in the love God shows to us. Whatever we do to hurt Him, His love remains constant.

I always admired the constancy of the sun, moon and stars. From the day God created them, till today they continue to perform the delightful, beneficial duty they were made to do! [Gen1:14-18]

The Lord has something to tell us at every occasion: "You are called to be lights in the world", He reminded me. [Mt.5:14 ] Are you spreading the light God has given you through your words, deeds and right attitude in this world full of darkness? Are you being constant in that? I could only answer: "I am trying. Please help me."

The glamourous modern theory of only having faith in yourself and not having faith in God spreads the darkness of doubt and skepticism speedily in the present world. Will your light shine to show God's constant love during this period of grace? The Bible says that eventually, the door of grace will be shut, then it will be too late.

Having the right relationship with Jesus, who is the light will help us shine for Him. [John.1:4]

Lord help us to shine for you and be constant at all times, is my prayer for today.

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