Friday, February 22, 2008

Answers to Prayer

Jesus was encouraging his disciples to pray before He was crucified:

"And in that day you shall ask me nothing Verily verily I say unto you,what so ever you shall ask the father in my name, he shall give it to you. Hither to you asked nothing in my name: ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full."

John 16:23-24

When Jesus himself has given such a promise why should we not boldly come to His presence and pray? God is interested in making us happy. He has given us the authority to use his powerful name in prayer. His name has so much power.

We may wonder why sometimes we do not get an answer to our prayer. God does hear us. What we asked may not be good for us at that time. He always answers. It may be yes, no, or wait.
Instead of looking for the answer, if we look to God when we pray,we will not be disappointed.

"Am I devoted to my desire or to God?", is a good question to consider. Your heavenly father knows what you are in need of even before you ask him. The purpose of asking is to know God better and to develop a relationship with him.

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