Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Call to Decide

"Choose this day whom you will serve"
Joshua 24:15

The challenging words of Joshua compelled the Israelites to make up their minds to serve the Lord God who brought them out of slavery. They had experienced great miracles in the desert, yet they had grumbled and complained against God. They had mingled with other nations and followed their way of worship, yet the Lord brought them to the promised land.

In order to enjoy the full blessing of God they had to make a decision. God is not pleased with compromise. They had to decide whether they would obey the Lord who had proved his faithfulness or the local gods which were only man-made idols. They made the right choice. They decided to serve the holy God and obey him.

In our journey too, a time comes when we have to choose who or what will control us. The is for us to decide. Will it be the almighty faithful God or any other imperfect substitute? So many things want to control us. What we give into, maybe our own limited personality or stubborn self, will become our idol.

Once we make the right choice like the Israelites, we have to reaffirm it every day lest we go astray. May God strengthen us too, on our way!

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