Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hearing from God

We sometimes wonder if God ever speaks to us! Yes, He does in various ways. The simplest and surest way is from the word of God. If we pray and go to the Bible we will find guidance, comfort, encouragement and strength according to our needs. That is why we should make it a habit to go to God's word daily.

Early in the morning, before our ears get filled with many other voices, if God's word gets into us, it will prevent fear and worries caused by alarming news or dissatisfaction created by various advertisements that come out every second on the news.

The word of God is an antidote to many emotional ailments.

What we hear in the morning could be shared with others so that they too benefit from it as well. Isn't it better than sharing gossip or spreading news that breeds insecurity and alarm?

May the Holy spirit help us in our endeavor to hear from God daily.


Anonymous said...

This is great. Keep sharing your

Anonymous said...

Getting better. I like the devotional writing on Mary and
Martha.Keep sharing.