Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When the Actors Leave the Stage...

"Let me die the death of the righteous and the last end be like theirs."
Numbers 23:10 [ Balaam said referring to Israel]

How often do we give thought to the hour of death? It is the only sure experience that every one has, with out an exception. One day the drama of life will be over. I, one of the actors will have to exit the stage. How I do it and what happens after that, are vital questions to consider.

The death of the righteous will be fearless [Ps.23:4]; precious [Ps116:15]; hopeful [Pr.14:22] and triumphant [Lk.16:22]. If we are sure of our final destination, we will look forward to it! Whom we trust and how we live, decides where we go.

The biblical span of life is seventy or eighty years [Ps. 90:10]. Due to the advancement of medical science and nourishing food, people now live even up to hundred and twenty years! Yet death is sure. Death comes unannounced to the young and old. We've got to be prepared at all times.

The Bible gives a clear picture of life after death. It is called eternity. Two places to be in that eternity: heaven or hell. If our sins are forgiven, washed by the blood of Jesus Christ and we lead a clean and righteous life, we go to heaven, where the holy God is. If we surrender ourselves to Jesus, He will make us fit to live or die and to be with Him.

As we go though the day, let us give some thought to this inevitable event of our lives...


MindBlogger - FREE Blogging Tips, Tricks and Tools said...

Well, if more and more people believed in it, this world would be more moralistic. Religions gives every human life self-significance. Whether it's ethical or righteous is up for debate. And like the other side of the coin, it ultimately gives death a significance too. Again, whether it's ethical or righteous is up for debate.

Elizabeth said...

Won't it be nice if the whole earth turned moralistic?
More than religion it is a relationship with God that gives self significance,is my opinion.
Any amount of debate will not change The Truth!
Thanks for the comment and the tips.I appreciate it