Monday, April 21, 2008

Dancing in True Worship

We had a beautiful service on Sunday with songs, lifting up of hands, rejoicing and dancing, which was Biblical [Ps149:3; 150:4; Ex.15:20; 11Sam.6:14]. While most of the people were dancing, there were a few who were quietly praising and singing, even raising their hands but not dancing. I was one of them.

Why did the few not join in the dancing? Were they shy? Or think it was unholy? A cultural difference perhaps? As for me, I am not used to dancing. In my days and culture, dancing was not part of worship. I was also wondering if all those who danced so joyfully, were doing it in the spirit: In every party they dance. Dancing is part of the culture of Canada and the west. Was their worship genuine? In the presence of God, the attitude should be Holy. The critical thoughts of those who refrained from dancing may have polluted the Holy atmosphere and the presence of God would have been hindered! There would not have been perfect unity in the worship! Somehow the enemy wants to spoil the true worship of our great God!

The Lord led me to read Psalms 95 the next morning. It was a call to worship. The last verse speaks of hardening of the heart. A hardened heart will be a thankless, complaining heart. It will not be able to worship the Holy God. The Lord loves genuine, holy, joyful, worship from humble hearts.

Our heart could become hardened because of unanswered prayer, pride, criticism, stubbornness, ungratefulness and a lack of humility. Hardening the heart is dangerous. We will not be able to enter into the rest. [Heb.3:13] I recalled the warning given in Hebrews 4:4-11.

I prayed that whichever way we worship, help us to be genuine in seeking the presence of the Holy God in humility and be blessed by Him to be a blessing to others.


Anonymous said...

Worshiping the Lord in spirit and in truth is require of us; Jean 4: 2; to do so the Spirit of God must have free reign in our heart for:<... where the Sirit of the Lord is there is liberty..> 2cor 3:17 I don't think it matter to God how we worship.God look at the heart. I like dancing but, I express my joy to the Lord when I dance. If I want to really worship I have to be quiet to hear His voice or feel HIs presence.
Hebreu people introduce dance in teir Worship. but the first christian abandon it because of degradetion.
God accept genuine worship.

Elizabeth said...

I am happy about your comment. I keep praying that our worship in any form, should be genuine and accepted by the Lord.