Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking to God is the Best Solution

"Therefore I will look unto the Lord. I will wait for the Lord of my salvation. My Lord will hear me."
-Micah 7:7

The days that Micah lived in were very much like our days. He could not find an upright person anywhere in the land. [Mi.7:1-4] Even today, uprightness (honesty, integrity) is difficult to find. Society rationalizes sin and even Christians sometimes compromise Christian principles in order to do what they want. It is easy to convince ourselves that we deserve a few breaks, especially when everyone else is doing it. They fail to realize that the standard for honesty comes from God, not from society. We are to be honest because God is truth, and we are to be like Him.

Micah sets a good example for us. Instead of being depressed, argumentative or revolting, he showed great faith in God. He knew that God hears and saves when help is needed; God will bring his people through when times are tough. Israel [the people of his country] must be patient in punishment, because God would bring them out of darkness and their enemies would be punished.

Don't we see shocking things happening around us? What about the vandalism in the streets to celebrate a victory? There were some who thought it to be not too bad! The sense of right and wrong seems to be disappearing. Doesn't this make us fear for the future of our children? I think what Micah said is a timely example to follow.

We too can have confidence like Micah's. It does not take unusual talent. It simply takes faith in God and a willingness to act on that faith.

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