Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Division and Subtration Increases the Amount?!

"What an absurd statement!", I thought at first. It is completely against mathematical principles! I have learned now, that in God's realm, it is proved to be true. In God's economy, a little becomes much, when we give away or share. There are so many true stories to prove this from God's word and from my experience of and others'.

During the time of prophet Elijah, there was a severe famine in Israel [1 Kings 17:7-16]. A poor widow, with an only son, had only a little oil and flour left, which was just enough to make a meal for both of them. For her, it was going to be the last meal for them, before they died of starvation like the others in her village.

Then, the prophet Elijah came; sent by God. He asked her to make a meal for him first! He said "This is what the God of Israel says, 'the jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry, until the day the day the Lord give rain on the land.'" [1Kings17:14]. She, at his bidding, did so. Was she sure that the oil and flour would increase? I don't know. To be hospitable is beautiful, but to this extent is remarkable! The Lord spoke through the prophet, she believed, obeyed and it did happen. It was a miracle!

Faith is the first step between the promise and the assurance. Every miracle begins with an act of obedience.

God could have sent his servant to some wealthy person, who would have been able to feed Elijah comfortably. Or may be he would have thought it wise not to waste, but to preserve for the future, because of the state the country was in! God wanted to bless the widow, who had a heart to obey God till her life lasted, at whatever the cost. Hers was not an act of charity to gain fame.

What I learned is this: Do not be selfish. Seek God and his kingdom first [Mat.6:33]; Whatever you have, is given by God. Give to God His portion [tithe] first, then share with the less fortunate ones whatever you have. Then, the Lord will bless what remains, so that you lack nothing. This has worked well for me.

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