Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Extraordinary is Preferable

The space expeditions, the explorations to the Poles and so many new inventions, that are speeding daily, make my life [may be yours too] look very ordinary! We become just common place beings, watching in wonder exclaiming: "What an explosion of knowledge!"

A profound thought lifted my spirits: Can all these exploits compare to what God did in the past and is able to do in the present and future?

So many miracles are recorded in the Bible. All wisdom and knowledge comes from God.
I recalled what happened when God called Moses to deliver his people from slavery in Egypt: Moses was reluctant. Then God asked him: "What do you have in your hand?" "A staff.", Moses replied. He was a shepherd at that time, though he grew up in the palace earlier. The Lord told him to throw the staff on the ground. When he did, it became a snake and Moses ran from it. Then the Lord told him to reach out and take the snake by the tail. When Moses did it, the snake turned back into a staff in his hand! That ordinary rod he had in his hand became a mighty instrument to to perform mighty miracles, not only to deliver God's people but also to provide for them and to teach and judge the offenders [Ex. 4:2-5].

What you and I have in our hands today, may be ordinary things like: a pen, a musical instrument, a broom, a hammer, a sweet voice or some other little talent. It may look like "nothing but a staff".
God takes pleasure in using ordinary things for extraordinary purposes.The ordinary thing in my hand, given to God at his bidding, will perform extraordinary things to bring glory to God. Remember that we serve the same God that Moses served.

If we cooperate with Him by yielding, listening and obeying Him, He can make the ordinary become extraordinary.

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