Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Long Walk to be Sacrificed

"Carrying His own cross, He [Jesus] went out to the place of skull."
John 19:17

Many executions took place in this hill outside Jerusalem. The Romans used the criminals carrying the cross and walking to the place of execution, as an example to the people.

As Jesus walked along the road, crowds watched Him: The ones he healed, he delivered from the oppression of the devil, raised from the dead, those with whom he wept and comforted and those who shouted "Hosanna!" and welcomed him, would have been there. What would they have felt? What were the thoughts of those who were miraculously fed?

Did the religious leaders, who knew the scriptures well, ever think that the prophecy [Isa. 53:4] was being fulfilled? [Mt. 8:17] Could there have been someone who heard John the baptist saying "Look the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" [Jn. 1:29]

As Jesus walked, you and I were in His mind. Every laborious step he took, he did with joy. He was bringing freedom to all who believed in His great sacrifice! I am glad we were in His mind!

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