Saturday, March 1, 2008

How does God See us Today?

It is surprising that Satan went to God's presence [Job 1:6 ,8, 12]!

He did not go to worship God. He went to complain about Job's motives for being true to God! He does the same about you and me too. That is why he is called
"the accuser".

God had a good testimony about Job. He said
"There is no one on earth like him, he is blameless and upright; A man who fears God and shuns evil." [Job 1:6]. Yet God gave Satan permission to test his stand with God [Job 1:12]. Will God be able to give the same word of commendation about us? Sometimes He may permit Satan to test us too.

If our motives in seeking and worshiping God are pure, He will bring us out triumphantly, like Job.
It is God who gives us the grace to be righteous and holy. He is able to keep us faithful till the end.


Anonymous said...

I liked that last verse for march 1st, 08, that it is only by god's grace that we can be made holy, without him, we our nothing.

Elizabeth said...

God's grace is in abundece for every one.God bless you and grant you His grace.

Anonymous said...

'And what is the saint doing in the forest?' asked Zarathustra. The saint answered: 'I make songs and sing them; and when I make songs, I laugh, cry, and hum: thus do I praise God. With singing, crying, laughing, and humming do I praise the god who is my god. But what do you bring us as a gift?' When Zarathustra had heard these words he bade the saint farewell and said: 'What could I have to give you? But let me go quickly lest I take something from you!' And thus they separated, the old one and the man, laughing as two boys laugh.

But when Zarathustra was alone he spoke thus to his heart: 'Could it be possible? This old saint in the forest has not yet heard anything of this, that God is dead!'

-Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Prologue, sect. 2.

Elizabeth said...

It's interesting.
It is sad that many tend to take this as the truth . Believing that God is dead , leaves them in a place where there is no black and white values and there is no accountability too.

Happy are those who believe in the living God!