Thursday, March 20, 2008

When the Journey Becomes Difficult

Life on this earth is a journey. I know my destination. It is to get back to the place I came from. I know I am provided with everything necessary for me to make it joyful, successful, profitable and useful. I do have examples in those who have gone before me, to follow. Yet my journey often becomes the opposite of what it is expected to be. Then I feel like a failure. I know it ought not be so . "Why is it so?", is my question.

As much as the Lord's eyes are upon me to guide me and meet my needs with love, the enemy's eyes are constantly on me to somehow trip me, pull me down, make me fall, deceive, distract and divert my path. The journey becomes combat. The path becomes so dark that only the word of God becomes the torch. Sometimes it becomes so narrow that I feel suffocated, as I squeeze through. No one else could come along with me to comfort or counsel. These are attacks of the enemy to spoil my attitude and later he brings condemnation in my heart to torment me.

Such an attack was on me this morning. Soon the word of God enlightened me and enabled me to defeat the enemy.

This is what I learned: I should know the devices of the enemy [2nd Chrn. 2:11] and be ready to forgive others; I should be confident who is in me and with me; I should have the sword of the spirit ready and know how to use it; [Eph6:12-18] I know God has provided the necessary armor and the weapons to fight the enemy, though shamelessly he comes to attack again and again. If he tried it with Jesus will he leave his followers alone? Jesus defeated him. "He [Jesus] himself suffered when He was tempted, hence He is able to help those who are tempted." [Heb.2:18]

Are there any others who find the journey tough at times? How do you get through?

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